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  1. Prospecting for New Customers


    This package covers best practices in prospecting, first meeting, probing and presenting. Key topics include:

    • Why Prospecting Pays Off
    • Why Prospecting Requires Consistency
    • How to Get Past Gatekeepers
    • Why the First Meeting is Critical
    • How to Prepare an Elevator Speech
    • How to Improve Probing Skills
    • Why Excellent Presentation Skills Count

    Package includes 36 videos. View all titles here.

  2. Asking for the Business


    This package covers best practices in overcoming objections, influencing and closing. Key topics include:

    • How to Overcome Objections
    • Why Price Discounting Doesn't Work
    • Best Practices of Building Rapport
    • How to Influence Key Decision-Makers
    • Why Convincing is Important
    • Why LOs Fear Asking for the Business
    • What is the Number One Secret to Selling?

    Package includes 36 videos. View all titles here.

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"I would recommend Pat Sherlock to any size organization for sales and sales culture development. She has her pulse on organizational behavior in the mortgage industry. If you want to grow and maintain the 'selling edge' in your market she has the expertise you need to leverage."

- David Baer, Senior Vice President
WestStar Mortgagez

"Pat Sherlock is a 'student of the mortgage banking game' with real world practical advice and counsel. Her help was invaluable to avoid mistakes that would have cost thousands of dollars in flawed talent assessment or in training strategies that don't work. I heartily recommend Pat and her services."

- Pat Casey, SVP

"One of the premier subject matter experts on how to identify the right people to be mortgage sales professionals, Pat Sherlock is also very adept at helping sales leaders apply techniques to boost the performance of their existing mortgage sales teams. She is one of the best advocates the mortgage industry can have during this time of great change."

- Michael Jablonski, Executive Vice President,
Retail Mortgage Production Manager

"QFS Sales Solutions has positively influenced the way I run our business. Thanks again for your research on top mortgage originators."

- Greg Gianoplus, Division Manager
Gateway Bank Mortgage